Jenny Hallam’s Album Launch

September 24th 2012

The launch of Jenny Hallam’s debut album ’25,000 days’ was definitely an event to be remembered, and has surely marked Jenny as a rising talent to be watched. The gig took place on 26th February with great support from singer-songwriter Joshy Conner, and the indie four-piece Ronda. Upon entering the venue Jenny’s popularity was clear – it was absolutely packed, and it was difficult to miss the vast quantity of ‘Jenny Hallam 25000 days’ clothes pegs scattered on the tables and clipped on jackets; a nice touch that got people talking! Music came first from Joshy Conner, playing a selection of folk songs with a modern twang, followed by Ronda, who played a set of upbeat indie-rock tracks and even a cover of Feeder’s ‘Buck Rogers’. By the time Jenny Hallam came on stage the floor was totally filled out and it didn’t take long to recognise the sheer magnitude of her talent. Armed only with her keyboard, backing guitar and soft percussion Jenny confidently and skilfully grabbed our attention and didn’t once let it go. Jenny Hallam sang with an effortlessness seldom seen in any performer who doesn’t already have years of experience behind them; every single song was an absolute delight, with thoughtful lyrics accompanied by wonderful melodies and intelligently structured composition. All throughout, the audience was in complete silence, ensuring we didn’t miss a single note and could absorb every nuance of expression. Her confidence and prowess was truly exposed during a version of Adele’s Hometown Glory. Although a cover, it was performed with a conviction that could have convinced us the song was written by Jenny herself. Overall I would challenge anybody to find any fault worth mentioning, and Jenny Hallam is definitely starting promisingly with such a strong debut album release. If you know what’s good for you then 25,000 days should, without question, be your next album purchase! Don’t forget, Jenny will be performing on Tuesday 6th March at The Betsey Trotwood – click here for details

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