Zambian Music Centre update

October 5th 2012

Here is a picture that was taken a few weeks ago showing the developments of the Zambian Music Centre. The founder of The Butterfly Tree Charity, Jane Kaye-Bailey has just arrived in Zambia so we should be receiving more pictures very soon on the very latest developments so stay tuned! In the meantime, it was decided that while the funds are being allocated and the music centre is being built, we would raise funds for a charity called LIVE! who have launched a project called ‘Dewa Drummers’ which aims to enable children with disabilities to experience music on an equal footing. Live! the parent organization of Dewa Drummers is fully committed to the inclusion of disabled young people in mainstream activities and into the life of the local and wider community. The disabled young people benefit greatly from the music project as it allows them to express themselves creatively and grow in confidence as they develop. They currently attend weekly practice sessions and have had a number of public performances already at the 2012 Olympic torch ceremony; Chester giant’s parade and midsummer watch celebrations in Chester. As part of a group the young people are able to form friendships, learn new skills and most of all they will experience a feeling of self worth and esteem. Dewa drummers play several types of instruments currently, Brazilian samba drums and Gambian djembe drums. They say “We are looking to develop our own fusion style of drumming accompanied by other musical instruments to create our own unique sound! We hope by playing at community events we will make people more culturally aware and ask questions about the differences between our cultures and lifestyles compared to others globally.” The funding is needed to purchase drums, beaters, straps and covers. So far we have raised £188.17 towards the project to help purchase this equipment which will help enable the group to charge for performances in the future and to become fully sustainable. The next Music Earth Rise fundraising gig is on Tuesday 2nd October at The Betsey Trotwood in Farringdon.The headline act are four guys from Soweto (the biggest township of South Africa). The Africa Entsha (new Africa in Zulu language) performance is from the South Africa oral tradition, sung a capella in Gospel style. Their repertoire includes a wide variety of songs, sung in Zulu and some in English, such as their very personal version of Shakira’s “Waka Waka”. But at the very heart of the show are the Zulu songs, full of rhythm, style and spirit that deeply belong to this ethnic group. Hands, feet and the entire body give the rhythm and create the choreography with a crescendo of feelings and joy. From the very first moments of their performances, the quartet completely captivate their audience who by end of the show are left breathless, often deeply moved. This gig is really not to be missed !

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