Recyclosaurus Rex eats bottles, Coachella 2013

April 19th 2013

We like a good festival that mixes both music and sustainability just like the folk at Coachella. So we smiled coming across this yesterday….The Recyclosaurus Rex! Just like Reni from The Stone Roses who ate the drums at Coachella, 2013 this Recyclosauraus owns the show big time! There has been a big debate on whether music festivals can really be green and sustainable for a while now. The Godfather of festivals, Michael Eavis has even been qouted to say “To pretend they’re green is ridiculous. You can recycle like mad, you can bring people on public transport, which we do. Overall, though…the greenest thing to do is not to run the event.”

Whether that’s true or not, we love Recyclosaurus Rex. He’s good awareness and fun which is all part of the process in developing greener festivals for the future. Thumbs up Coachella! Maybe we’ll see you next year?

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