Reni of The Stone Roses eats drums, Coachella 2013

April 19th 2013

We like a good festival that mixes both music and sustainability just like the folk at Coachella with their Recyclosaurus Rex who eats bottles for recycling. Equally this year, Reni from The Stones Roses eats the drums in this live stream of ‘This Is The One’. As Mani plucks the intro, holding it down with his painted customised bass from his infinite bag of cool intro bass riffs; and if you watch/listen how the track builds and how Reni effortlessly owns the kit especially around 4.39 (where crowd who should be going mental by now!) you will see the kit is being demolished by a truly genius drummer in a most respectable way. Bring on Finsbury Park in June is all I can say! I wonder if they can ship the Recyclosauraus Rex ?

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