Music gives renewed life to our throw away culture…

April 30th 2013

In the seemingly abundant west we have got used to living in a disposable culture where we truly value very little. There is scant consciousness of the resources we throw away both personally and as a collective. It doesn’t take a genius to understand the planet cannot sustain this behaviour indefinitely. This poignant reminder highlights the opportunities we are oblivious to when things come too easily and are discarded without care. Sometimes we don’t recognise the value of things until they are gone and we are left with nothing.

What a beautiful example all involved in the Landfill Harmonic Orchestra have set. Nothing is taken for granted. Refuse is used in every conceivable way. There is no waste.

This project shows us that even when faced with the terrible hardships poverty can bring, music is not seen as a dispensable luxury but an instrument to dignify the spirit, and propel us forward where what once seemed impossible is easily achieved.

A truly inspiring piece.

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