Zambia trip and 10 guitars

September 4th 2013

Music Centre outside
Here are some photos of some of the recent activity at the Music Centre earlier in the summer. A 2013 Zambia trip is in the process of being planned as we have collected 10 guitars to take out for the music centre. We will be taking out the guitars along with additional books and other teaching material and will post more information on that over the next few weeks. It will be a great to finally see the building we spent so long raising the funds for! When I first went to Zambia, it re-ignited a passion and joy for music and brought me back to the reasons why I first started to play and write songs. The expression and satisfaction of expressing oneself through music whether it’s singing or playing an instrument. I’m looking forward to connecting to that same feeling again and to experience the music of Zambia. In the meantime check out this great article by Brian Eno. More info coming soon!

Music Centre inside

Music Centre July 2013

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