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April 2nd 2014

Harry Harris

Not that I’m wearing one, but I’d like to take my hat off to Harry Harris. Why? Writing a song is not easy, some people may say it is and some have certainly claimed it is; and maybe it can be??? That’s another discussion or blog in it’s own right and certainly not for now. The time and effort involved in writing a song is, in itself just the start of long and arduous process especially if you want to get your music out there into the public domain.

So why do I respect Harry Harris?

Mr Harris has recently launched a campaign to help fund his new album ‘Songs about other People’ with a target of £2,000. In his ‘Update # 1 – Songs about other people’ (See clip below); he explains why the target is so high…..

Harry says: “The things that make albums finished and make them polished and make them beautiful costs more money than, than maybe writing songs does, so that’s why the target is £2,000″

In his short summary on the crowd funding platform, Indiegogo; Harry explains that ‘the record is finished, by which I mean, the tracks are recorded.

He goes to say that All we need to do now is fine tune it: mix it, master it, design it, print it up. We’re so close to pushing over the finish line and getting this thing made, and here’s how you can help”

I think in this age of ‘free music’, we sometimes forget the amount of work and passion it takes to create not just one song, but an album of songs; including music videos. Inevitably, the whole process taps into other creative skills and industries where people will sometimes work for reduced rates (and sometimes free!?) to help the artist afford the task in hand.

Like many artists these days, and what I love about Harry Harris is his dedication, positivity and hard work. The perks on offer for your potential contribution to help him achieve his target are a great example of what many artists are trying to do today in order to just ‘promote themselves’. They are working hard to give you a reason to hand over your money above and beyond just buying the music in return for the time spent writing the song, mixing it, mastering it, designing the artwork, printing it, posting it, shooting a promo video, editing it……..need I go on!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that from reading Harry’s summary of the project on Indiegogo it just struck me that it was really well delivered and humble. It reminded me of the hard work involved in making music and the struggle of being an artist today where the expectation of free music in the eyes of others is a divine right!? So, I put my finger to keyboard to help him promote his project in return for making me respect the artist for the time and effort it takes to deliver original musical expression >>>>

Here are two examples of what he is offering in return for your contributions:

Your name in the liner notes, and a digital copy of the album. My eternal gratitude ‘n all.

(My opinion: I think it should be a tenner ! A Bargain)

As well as a copy of all my records so far, I will come to your house and play songs for as long as you like. If you want, I will also bring some friends who have other lovely instruments. F**k it, we’ll bring the wine too.
(London only)

(My opinion: Don’t make Harry bring a bottle, feed the artist and pour him wine!)

Harry is £550 in towards his £2000 target and has 44 days to go……..

Harry also explains other ways you can help:

“Spread the word. If you like a song, tell a friend about it. Come to a gig, bring your Mum. Put a song on a mix CD (do people still make mix CDs?). Ask your local radio station to talk about me. Ask your local record shop to stock my stuff. Ask your local promoter to give me a show. Share, share, share. That’s the most powerful, wonderful thing you can do and that’s the way these things grow. Who knows how far we’ll get.”

So, to read the full summary go to his Indigogo page, share this article and help him on the journey towards achieving his goal:

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Watch his music video ‘Stag’:

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