One shot, One track, One Improvised Dance to Music

April 5th 2014

LifeLine Arts

Morag Donnelly of Lifeline Arts titles this picture ‘Last moment of one dance’. LifeLine Arts is essentially Life Drawing and in the words of Morag Donnelly: “in a way where we are centering in presence, being in the body – in the moment – Our seeing is opened, our touch enlivened.”

Morag Donnelly creates a beautiful space. Whether you are 
experienced or believe you can’t draw at all you will find yourself 
relating to the poses of the models. Using recorded and improvised 
live music an atmosphere is created of inspiration and sensitivity. 

This informs the truth of the models gestures, their natural 
authenticity then touches us allowing a freedom within our 
own ability to respond to the moment.

The film ‘The Nature Of Daylight’ (see below) is a great piece of creative expression combining the art of video, colour (visual design), and music to create a landscape for Morag to perform her improvised dance to the soundscape.

You can see how Morag interacts with and feels the music. Initially she provides a visual interpretation of the music itself and then creates a new voice through the combined creative disciplines where the art becomes one voice, one message or one expression. We all interpret music differently and that is the beauty of all creativity. It’s in the way she connects with the music that the piece can transform and has potential to inspire the soul.

Art inspires art and music plays a huge part in every aspect of life and the creative process.

See how Morag connects in the short film ‘The Nature Of Light’

To inspire each other….to emote and connect through art is where influence takes place from an intellectual, spiritual, creative and educational perspective.

If you want to connect with your creative self then LifeLine Arts provides a great start in what can be both a creative and spiritual journey. You can take as little or as much from at it as you want.

All are welcome, artists and beginners. Courses are held throughout the year in Hampshire.

For more info go to LifeLineArts and Music & the Muse (Next session in Hampshire on Thursday May 1st – 1pm -5pm)

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