Believe in Ted Zed and the new EP ‘Believe’

September 12th 2014

Ted Zed
Ted Zed are what seem to be a relatively new band that have very recently appeared on my horizon with a new song titled

‘Believe’. Hailing from Sutton, Somerset and discovered by Hot Chip’s producer Dan Carey,  Ted Zed (aka Edward Griggs) launches his next EP accompanied with a captivating video that suggests greater things are coming from this 20 year old! I see a leap into a higher realm of success following the upcoming EP launch on the 14th September. I hope so anyway as I think both Dan and his team have managed something fresh and exciting both visually and sonically. There are very subtle influences in their sound with a hint of U2 in part of vocal delivery but overall their sound and attitude promise lots of potential with a unique approach in the creative process. A breath of fresh air !

Ted Zed

You can catch him / them at the following live dates:

London Oct 08 : Notting Hill Arts Club
Southampton Nov 29 : Club NME

Check out the video

For more information go to


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