October 21st 2014


Soak is a new artist from Derry/Londonberry who has an interest in guitars, scapbooks, giraffes and occasionally turtles. After releasing an EP called ‘Blud’ through Goodbye Records, she was signed by the infamous Rough Trade label who have now taken her under their wing and as a result just released the captivating ‘B a noBody’ single.

She hit the Derry music scene at the mere age of fourteen years old and was originally managed by her mother and between the two of them came up with the artist name SOAK which plays on the two words Soul and Folk. A lovely story and apt words that combine the natural expression of her music. The music sort of pulls you in and soaks you in a hopeful dreamy world where everything is ok. But when you listen to music drenched in honesty; most things are ok. That’s the journey of good music; the transportation that we all love, the escape, the comfort blanket that everybody needs. But that’s why the people at Rough Trade are so important. The gatekeepers of good music making sure the right artists don’t get bypassed. It’s vital that labels like Rough Trade are still around picking up and backing the creative artists. The the ones that feed us emotionally. The ones ones who truly connect.

As long as she keeps her artistic direction true to her nature with a timescale that lets her creativity develop and breathe, I hope we will see a blossoming career partnered with Rough Trade at the helm.

The single B a noBody is released on Vinyl on the 3rd November but is already digitally available via the usual suspects.

Check out new her new release below.

Upcoming dates are:

5th Novemer – London

7th November – Londonberry

8th November – Dublin

Get tickets here

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B a noBody


Glastonbury performance – B a noBody

Interview with Rough Trade

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