NEW RELEASE: Passenger – 27

October 28th 2014

Passenger 27-video

2014 has introduced plenty of new and exciting music, with original styles¬†and fresh sounds. Stumbling across the beautifully simple song ’27′ by Passenger was a very pleasant surprise! This song doesn’t exactly scream technical difficulty, but thats what makes it so brilliant. The guitar line which changes between only a handful of different chords works beautifully with the ‘story-telling’ vocal line.

I really grasped a sense of Michael Rosenberg’s passion for his music from listening to this song, and thats what music really is about isn’t it? Passion, talent and great songwriting! Within the first verse the song sing’s ‘i write songs that come from the heart, i don’t give a **** if they get into the charts’ which i love! it’s a great honest feeling of his music, and gives the impression that as an artist he is just happy writing, singing and performing.

He goes on to sing “Not gonna stop and I won’t be persuaded to write words I can’t believe in”….. How can you not get on board this vehicle of artistic integrity? A great contemporary advocate for music and today’s upcoming music artists.

The release of this song continues to build excitement and interest in all future releases to come from Passenger, and i look forward to sharing my thoughts!

Article by Nick Crane
People with a Purpose | Music with a Mission

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