LIVE REVIEW: Bad Breeding @ Scala London 30th October

November 2nd 2014

Bad Breeding Scala 1

And then there was light! After first seeing Bad Breeding and their raging yet intimate performance at The Compass in Chester, I felt the need to go and see them again to confirm my thoughts and feelings…

Tonight, Bad Breeding took a bigger stage at London’s renowned venue, Scala and I wasn’t disappointed. They gnawed and gnarled though the venue to the extent that I thought “there will be no stage or venue big enough for this band. Period.” The singer, Chris literally spent the latter half of the gig in the audience. Chris is no front man; he is bigger than that. He is man of the people and right now music needs that…. they are a band to incite, inspire and lead. This band are solid and the musicianship is outstanding. When Chris is morphing and becoming the crowd the band crawl the walls and smash through the building until nothing exists except the experience you are in. This is music at it’s best.

Let’s get one thing straight. It could be said that everything about Bad Breeding suggests demolition and despair? From the derelict scenes and landscape of their artwork and photoshoots to their headless forms in their Age of Nothing video!?

bad_breeding BAD BREEDING roof

In reality, i’d say they are the exact opposite. Bad Breeding shine a light …. they are a gap on the horizon for development without destruction. Of the self? There is an internal and eternal energy that projects from the stage… formless and timeless souls (The Stone Roses / album one springs to mind here) tuned into something untouchable; the carriers of the torch, the creative spirit , the prophets, the seers that have gone before….the ones who speak the truth through music and expressive creation…. the drivers , changers & challengers of current culture, systems and community.

F**k genres, the future is all about feeling… as is music… always was and always will be. Yes, these are a heavy band and they will shake your foundations to the ground…. if you open the gate?

We missed the first band but following Bad Breeding came the band Eagulls. Unfortunately we had to leave after three songs because although the crowd and moshers were in full swing, after Bad Breeding unleashed their juggernaught of sound, for me at least, there was nowhere left to journey. I’d like to see Eagles again under different circumstances but for me, tonight, we were done here. The ending to the BB set left an awe inspiring feeling set against the meandering sound effects that enveloped the stage. In reality, there was no real ending at all, it was pretty surreal really……. did anyone clap? there was no real defining finish or applause….. the singer had been in the crowd for half of the gig, the band held the stage and through the hardness of the sound they came and went …. it was a jaw dropping abandonment that left a pure and calm realisation of wtf just happened. Clapping would have been an injustice!

Bad Breeding Scala 2

For me the only way forward after BB would have been to take the audience down a completely different route… The space BB left was an open one, one of reflection and quietness and I would have loved to have seen the artist SOAK just walk out with her guitar and from the echoes of Age of Nothing, to sing her new release Be a noBody, that would have been a superb continuation of a journey and to serve the unexpected…an essence that Bad Breeding behold….that would have been priceless!

The account of Eagulls seems somewhat unfair here as they are making big waves in the music world and the crowd were at their disposal to say the least; so, I’ll have to re address them in the near future and listen to them when my senses haven’t just been blown away into oblivion and back again…into a state of enlightenment. The most influential music, the source of great music comes from the heart. Where true creatives write and perform. In my opinion, Bad Breeding evolve from this source pool… real expressionists.

Go see them live…

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Article by Brendan Poynton
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