LIVE REVIEW: Tom Butler & Wednesday’s Wolves @ 12 Bar Club – 10th November

December 28th 2014

Tom Butler pic

After an impromptu night at the Chelsea Arts club sometime last year, I happened upon a not so wandering minstrel named Tom Butler and was instantly drawn in by a remarkable song titled ‘On The Line’. To my ears, and within the first 20 seconds I heard the beginnings of a hit song in the making. As Tom walked out on stage and plucked the first few chords, I very quickly saw a performer of stature, an artist early in his career but already well established. But often that’s just the way it is. True artists or inspired artists already have a certain stature, they have a belief of life, of their voice and message. They don’t need to be judged, reassured and developed the same way act’s or artists do on certain mainstream media programs. They just do what they do?

That evening Tom Butler delivered a bunch of songs with substance. His solo performance was a testament and so took me to on a journey to his next gig at the 12 Bar Club to witness the Tom Butler Band.

Tom Butler

The first thing you might think is that there is a lot of people on that small stage (6 people in fact). Yes it looks cramped but it certainly didn’t stop Tom and the gang delivering a set of songs that used space and a musical unison of vocal and instrumental inspiration. From the anthemic chorous of Malea and the country twang of Boats, Tom and the gang gave us a journey of songs with depth and desire. (“Boats” is the song that Tom Butler won the PRS song writing competition with the Mayor of London GIGS 2014. For winning, Tom Butler will open the VIP stage at Glastonbury 2015). Half way through the set we were treated to one of the many highlights of the evening with the guest appearance of Ria who performed her heart achingly beauty of a song titled ‘Should’ve Been’ (also co written by Tom Butler and Eric Sjoholm.) Both Ria and Tom are unique writers and performers and put there everything into a performance straight from the source. There really is nothing holding back these creative souls. A night of sheer excellence.

Just when you thought that music had given it’s fair share of inspiration for the evening I can honestly say that I have never been un-expectingly blown away so much by the next song I heard which started a set by a new duo called Wednesday Wolves.

Wednesday’s Wolves

s Wolves

The song which I now know as “War Paint” came out of nowhere with a performance so delicate, humble and powerful that I thought that time actually stood still. The haunting melodies that oozed from this un assuming duo just echoed around the 12 Bar Club like rowsing ancient hymnes, weaving in and around the audience like a spiritual cleansing ceremony. By the faces and expressions of the crowd we were evidently experiencing the same trance like response…..all lost in the same awe inspiring experience of what seemed like a musical miracle!

So, I cannot speak highly enough of the these artists / bands / performers. If you love live music then you need to seek out their live shows in 2015 as they are quite remarkable artists and should be supported. It’s artists like these that we live for and luckily that night for us at the gig, on the same stage.

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