New Release: All This Noise – ‘Seven Billion Like You’

March 2nd 2015

All this noise studio

With the first months of 2015 upon us, a high anticipation for this years newest music is in full swing. ‘All This Noise’ are a two piece group from West London, and their newest release ‘Seven Billion Like You’ is definitely worth a listen.


The guy who fronts All This Noise is James McIrvine. James supported Music Earth Rise as a solo artist back in the day of our Fundraising gigs at the Betsey Trotwood (raising money to build the music centre in Zambia.) I remember the gig well and how the audience were spell bound by this enigmatic performer. In particular and after the gig a crowd formed around James and I heard one woman say “You really don’t know how good you are do you?” Not long after that James disappeared from the live music scene but has resurfaced (much to our delight) with a new direction in process.

All This Noise combine a great electronic backing with a nostalgic guitar sound, and brought together with an endearing vocal tone and great energy makes this London based group definitely ones to watch this year.

The song ‘Seven Billion Like You’ leaves everything for the imagination when it starts, giving away nothing as to how this memorable introduction might end. Progressively growing throughout its 5:32 running time, the end result is an atmospheric ‘all together now’ of what is great in the sounds of music these days. This song leaves you feeling like hopping into a convertible sports car, putting the track on repeat and cruising through the californian desert without a care in the world.

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It’s always nice when you finish a song and you feel like you’ve awoken from a day-dream. Seven Billion Like You takes you on a journey right from the start and expresses the mutual ground of everyone going through struggles, changes and new beginnings. It leaves you with the thought that heck yeah, theres seven billion like me and we all go through exactly the same journey.

James McIrvine  All this noise

Just hearing this one song has ignited a desire to be fully in the loop with ‘All This Noise’ and their latest releases and shows, and I hope this is mutual with other listeners as these guys fully deserve credit for the great music they are creating, with their over-all feel of pop and radio worthy music without losing their genuine passion for songwriting.

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Review written by Nick Crane

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