New Release: Lion Art & Friendly Fire Band – Run Away

May 5th 2015

Friendly Fires

With the glorious sun that April is bringing us the latest release from Lion Art and the friendly fire band is setting the mood for those summertime vibes.

Delivering a reggae groove with a powerful message, ‘Run Away’ is already on its way into my summer playlists. This timeless sound cannot be beaten and nor can its brilliantly simple but powerful delivery. The famous offbeat groove of reggae style music sets a mood to sit back and enjoy the story the song is telling, and in conjunction with the music video I can tell you it’s a powerful one.

With the initial introduction to the song stating ‘you cant runaway from the fire, fire for the illuminate’ and the primary lyrics being ‘run away, you cant run away from judgement day’, this song gives a sense of ‘sticking it to the man’ and how you can’t run away and you don’t know your fate but you can keep yourself free. This is definitely something we can all relate to in one way or another, and certainly a strong topic in today’s world. Who wants to enter the bump and grind of every day life, or do you want to keep yourself true and free? The impression the video gives away is the comparison of people with zombie like characteristics chasing after the regular members of the public, which insinuates the message that there is the ‘regime’ way of life or the free one, and I know which would I would rather have.

This song has fantastic delivery and invites you on-board its ship and you can either take it or leave it. I have high belief that this is only the beginning for Lion Art.

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Review written by Nick Crane

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