Adam Masterson

Adam’s debut album ‘One Tale Too Many’ was released in 2003 on Gravity/BMG. It received much critical praise. Signed by Nick Stewart (the man who signed U2) and produced by Mick Glossop, ‘One Tale Too Many’ featured many Van Morrison alumni and session musicians in the production. Adam stands in a tradition that unites songwriters who have followed their muse regardless of fad and fashion or the demand for hit singles. Songs that could be dropped down in any time or place and which would strike a deep and resonant chord. It seems extraordinary that a record as mature, natural and deeply romantic as “One Tale Too Many” can arrive as if out of nowhere. To support the album Adam opened shows for The Stereophonics at Earls Court and the Cardiff Millennium Stadium and headlined a ‘City Showcase’ event at London’s Borderline sharing the bill with Amy Whinehouse. He also supported Tori Amos and toured the US and UK with Philadelphia-based band Marah. Uncut magazine featured Adam’s “Same Sad Story” as the opening track of “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” cover CD. He was also featured in Uncut’s “White Riot Vol. Two A Tribute To The Clash” covering “Gates of The West”. Since his debut album “One Tale Too Many”, Adam has also performed with Mick Jones of The Clash, Patti Smith, and Joseph Arthur. In 2008 Adam recorded a second album of material with producer Sean Genocky which is currently unreleased. Adam lives in London but has spent time writing and performing in New York City.

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