• Hometown: Manchester
  • Genre: Asian Blues Rock
  • Influences: Music and Life
  • Lineup: Aziz (Vocals/Guitar), Dal (Tabla)

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Aziz Ibrahim is a British professional musician, born in Longsight, Manchester. He is best known for his work as guitarist with Simply Red, Asia, The Stone Roses, Ian Brown, Steven Wilson, the h-band, and Paul Weller to name
 but a few.

Aziz had his first taste of music business success and excess while touring with Simply Red. The money and fame taught him nothing more than the value of all things which he had left behind in Longsight and he became very quickly tired of the preening and posturing that went with a band of that nature.

After leaving Simply Red, he played with The Christians and Asia. In 1996 Aziz replaced John Squire in the Stone Roses. Noel Gallagher called this ‘The hardest job in the world’. In the following months, Aziz quietly formed a friendship with Ian Brown which would later be the basis for Unfinished Monkey Business. Unfinished Monkey Business was Ian Brown’s first solo album, but more importantly, it was the first time Aziz had been given full song writing authority. From the psychedelic pop of ‘My Star’ to the haunting melodies of ‘Corpses in Their Mouths’. Ian’s Lyrics were given the perfect vehicle for success in Aziz’s music.

On signing to No Label Records in 2000, Aziz released an EP called Middle Road, featuring Paul Weller. Aziz’s debut album was titled Lahore to Longsight. Aziz travelled to several cities in Pakistan (Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad). There he met and played informally with young musicians and bands – amateur and established – talking about songwriting, musical influences, style, technique and themes for lyrics. The CD was recorded over a period of 18 months at various studios around the UK. The all-star musicians Ibrahim was able to pull in to work on his solo debut – including Paul Weller and his compatriot Steve White, as well as the ex-Smiths rhythm section of Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce, Talvin Singh, Mani, Reni and Denise Johnson – clearly indicated the high esteem Ibrahim’s peers hold him in the realm of British rock. In addition to his own projects, he currently plays guitar for Steven Wilson as seen on the 2011 Grace For Drowning tour and also co-writes songs with Paul Weller.

Sonik Kicks is Weller’s eleventh solo album and in terms of its scope, certainly the former Jam and Style Council member’s most ambitious and unique to date. Recorded in Weller’s own Black Barn Studios in Ripley, Surrey, with co-producer Simon Dine and trusted engineer Charles Rees, it also features an ensemble cast of guests, with appearances from Noel Gallagher, Graham Coxon and Aziz Ibrahim.

In April 2012, Aziz released his second album titled ‘Rusholme Rock’ with Tabla master Dalbir Singh Rattan. The album includes a truly wonderful cover of the Clash’s version of the classic “I Fought The Law” fusing eastern heritage with Rock’n’Roll. It’s one of the freshest and cleverest takes on the song best remembered as being covered by the Clash you’ll probably ever hear. It’s a sound that inspired Paul Weller to call them the “White Stripes from Bombay” which neatly describes the magical crossover of the two musicians.

The album ‘Rusholme Rock’ is available to download from iTunes or Amazon. You can also mail order the CD version of album. Follow the website link for further information.


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