Bella McKendree

“The reason you should listen is her voice. Controlled but soulful, clear but timbrally modulated, and with a burnished, beautiful tone across her whole range, this is a voice worth seeking out. Acoustic folksong and Americana, of a relatively conventional kind, but performed to perfection.”

“As a child I found music moved me. I was aware of the power music had to speak to people. Although I was very shy I gradually found a confidence in my voice. Jeff Buckley has greatly influenced my singing style, he has the most magical voice. Each song of mine brings a message through my observations on society and encourages people to find inspiration and positive energy. The lyric that is most representative of my music is ‘I want to see this land and each and every man come together and be free from themselves’. Artists I admire who have influenced my music are Jeff Buckley, Eddie Vedder, Bon Iver, Turin Brakes, The XX, Scott Matthews, Ray LaMontagne and Beirut.” “I want to take all I have learnt to make music that is genuine and real. Traveling in East Africa a couple of years ago gave me much energy to compose and things to think about that I have brought into my writing. I am constantly pushing myself forward in developing my material and musical style.”

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