Brendan Mission

Brendan Mission

  • Hometown: London
  • Genre: Acoustic / Indie /
  • Influences: The Universe
  • Lineup: Brendan Mission (Vocals/Guitar and other)

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Brendan Mission is a planet conscious songwriter who is using his music to create a chance for change and is the founder of Music Earth Rise.

The mission: Raise funds to build a Music Centre at Mukuni “A trip to Mukuni Village in Zambia with Valerie Buchanan to look at projects run by The Butterfly Tree and experience Zambian culture inspired the mission. Whilst holding some music workshops in rural villages for children who lack even the essentials in life – food, water, health & education, we were humbled by the talent and enthusiasm of the children. Inspired to help more I donated my guitar to the school and started a small children’s music group and vowed to return.” Brendan Mission

MUSIC – Music is the ultimate unifier and runs deep in all cultures
EARTH – Through music we can create a sustainable fairer planet
RISE – Enabling natural musical talent to grow and prosper

We all embody a natural creativity…..the more we engage in this with others, the more chance we have of creating a sustainable and balanced world.

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