Jally Kebba Susso

April 16th 2013

In West Africa, a griot combines the roles of musician, storyteller, historian, archivist, diplomat and flatterer. You can only be born a griot, never become one. Jally Kebba Susso comes from a very long line of Manding griots from The Gambia. He started playing the kora, the emblematic instrument of the griots at the age of seven, learning it’s delicate flowing intricacies from his father and older brothers. By the age of 13, Susso was touring Europe with a number of Gambian stars including Baatou Askan Wi, Maslabii and his sister Sambou Susso’s group. Over recent years Susso has been experimenting with blends of traditional griot music mixing hip hop, jazz, blues and now funk. He won the best Kora Player accolade at a major youth conference in Gambia in 2001. Since relocating to the UK, Susso has performed at the Momo’s, Africa Centre, ICA, Passing Clouds and many more to come.

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