Sorana Santos

April 3rd 2013

“I am a London-based lifetime music collector and music obsessive extraordinaire. There was rarely a day that went by without me playing the piano, composing and singing for at least three or four hours, after which I’d do my homework whilst taping and cataloguing John Peel sessions, writing songs, poems and letters, and playing guitar. I used to save my lunch money to buy CD’s, then pawn my CD’s to get to as many gigs as possible, and my lunch hours were spent working out songs and drum patterns in music rooms. With the greatest of pleasure, I trained to grade 8 distinction on piano and cello before going on to gain my first degree in Composition from The Guildhall School of Music and Drama where I studied with my ultimate composition heroine, Diana Burrell. Since that time I have performed and composed extensively for numerous major and independent labels, as well as composing film, ensemble and theatre pieces for for some highly inspirational and award-winning writers and performers. I am intensely passionate about all things concerning the medium of song and made it my life’s mission to become as much of an expert as I could be – hence my in-depth study of composition, voice, and literature. Consequently, much of my time is spent researching, composing and performing music on themes that explore and build boundaries between styles, concepts, cultures, and methodologies. I also publish occasional articles on my specialisms, and support others on their journey through providing a combination of guidance, resources, training in composition, songwriting and performance, and also through creating bespoke commissions by way of scores, arrangements, and session performances. I am proudly represented for my creative writing by the wonderful people at Lazy Gramophone Press whose praises I can’t sing enough, and for whom I have currently completed my first book on contemporary music which is scheduled for release in late 2012. My credits so far include: session work for Kingsize, Blang, Polydor Europe, Northstar, Sony BMG, the BBC, replacement of Florence (and the Machine) in Ashok, co-founder, composer & lead vocalist of The Heritage Orchestra precursor, K-Project; commissions from: Tracy Keeling, Ralitza Petrova, and The Landon Chamber Ensemble; prizes: Philip Bates Prize finalist, International Poetry Competition finalist, UK Songwriting Competition finalist; education: creation and implementation of programmes of study at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama and London’s Centre for Young Musicians. This is but the tip of the iceberg compared to the wonderful, genuine people that make up London’s network of musicians that I am so grateful to have worked with and be connected to.”

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