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Milan Launches New Fashion Line: Vertical Forest

May 10th 2013


Innovation and ecological thinking come together in a vertical forest which is expected to be completed this year in Milan. Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) is a project for metropolitan reforestation that contributes to the regeneration of the environment and (more…)

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Music gives renewed life to our throw away culture…

April 30th 2013

In the seemingly abundant west we have got used to living in a disposable culture where we truly value very little. There is scant consciousness of the resources we throw away both personally and as a (more…)

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Earth Day…Give Earth a hand

April 22nd 2013

Give Earth a Hand… A poignant reminder of what matters most From Greenpeace: This fragile Earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs you.

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Recyclosaurus Rex eats bottles, Coachella 2013

April 19th 2013

We like a good festival that mixes both music and sustainability just like the folk at Coachella. So we smiled coming across this yesterday….The Recyclosaurus Rex! Just like Reni from The Stone Roses who ate the drums at Coachella, 2013 this Recyclosauraus owns the show big time! There has been a big debate on whether music festivals can really be green and sustainable for a while now. The Godfather of festivals, (more…)

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Music Earth Rise and The Tree of Life

April 18th 2013

tree of life

Receiving nourishment from the earth that we might reach for the sky…

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