• Hometown: London
  • Genre: Acoustic / Folk
  • Influences: Ryuichi Sakamoto, Nick Drake and Radiohead
  • Lineup: Eiks (pronounced like ‘aches’ as in ‘aches and pains’..

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Eiks is a Japanese-British singer songwriter, whose delicate voice, haunting music and poetic lyrics create a dreamlike atmosphere that draws you in.

It’s very difficult to describe my music as my influences are far and wide but to name a few they are Ryuichi Sakamoto, Nick Drake and Radiohead. I am sure there are many subconscious influences from what my family was listening to when I was growing up which was classical, folk and various Japanese singer/songwriters.

When I write songs (on piano/guitar) I get inspiration from virtually anything from my experiences such as travel, love and my urban life in London. Or from things I see, smell, hear and read. Sometimes I write simple lyrics and other times I try and make them vivid with visual images.

What I absolutely love doing is getting lost in making music especially when playing something that evoke haunted atmosphere and chords that my ears relish.


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