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LIVE REVIEW: Echo Wants Her Voice Back, Nick Africano & Tony Andrews @ 12 Bar Club 6th Nov 2014

November 11th 2014

Eleni 12 Bar 4

Denmark Street is a mecca for musicians and last night I was back on it’s hallowed ground. Not to purchase a guitar but to see some live music at the infamous 12 Bar Club. Although I’d stepped inside this (more…)

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LIVE REVIEW: Bad Breeding @ The Compass, Chester – 22 OCT 2014

October 26th 2014

Bad Breeding

Put it this way. Bad breeding ARE the compass. This band are a unity, a clenched fist in the face of mediocrity who carry style, attitude and intelligence without a care in the world?  When you (more…)

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October 21st 2014


Soak is a new artist from Derry/Londonberry who has an interest in guitars, scapbooks, giraffes and occasionally turtles. After releasing an EP called ‘Blud’ through Goodbye Records, she was signed by (more…)

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Believe in Ted Zed and the new EP ‘Believe’

September 12th 2014

Ted Zed
Ted Zed are what seem to be a relatively new band that have very recently appeared on my horizon with a new song titled


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Portishead at their first gig in Istanbul

August 20th 2014

Portishead Istanbul

Here is the legendary British band Portishead in flow during their first ever concert in Turkey as part of the Midtown Fest at Istanbul’s (more…)

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Surprise Passenger gig in Birmingham at the Rotunda Bullring

May 12th 2014


“I’ve never heard Birmingham so quiet”, said the person standing next to me as the artist known as Passenger performed one of his new songs that was written in Minneapolis in response to a (more…)

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King Unique (Official Video) YohKoh, (& films of sunlight)

April 8th 2014

King Unique

King Unique realises the Official Video for YohKoh which features ‘films of sunlight made by fans & friends all over the world, edited together with no filters & no effects – just the sun as you (more…)

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Harry Harris / Songs about other people / Free Music ?

April 2nd 2014

Harry Harris

Not that I’m wearing one, but I’d like to take my hat off to Harry Harris. Why? Writing a song is not easy, some people may say it is and some have certainly claimed (more…)

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