Content on the rise of music through different
art forms such as art, film, fashion and dance.

King Unique (Official Video) YohKoh, (& films of sunlight)

April 8th 2014

King Unique

King Unique realises the Official Video for YohKoh which features ‘films of sunlight made by fans & friends all over the world, edited together with no filters & no effects – just the sun as you (more…)

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One shot, One track, One Improvised Dance to Music

April 5th 2014

LifeLine Arts

Morag Donnelly of Lifeline Arts titles this picture ‘Last moment of one dance’. LifeLine Arts is essentially Life Drawing and in the words of Morag Donnelly: “in a way where we are (more…)

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Lost and Found? New Andy Warhol portraits discovered. Where are we now…..?

May 6th 2013

Andy Warhol Lost and Found 2

A collection of never-before-seen portraits of Andy Warhol, taken by British photographer Steve Wood in 1981, opened recently at the new 345meatpacking building in New York City. The exhibition is (more…)

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